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To the library : a free way to smart

The library has been a regular place for me since high school. Usually on Fridays, schools go home early because male students have to pray Friday. I didn't go home right away. After Jumatan, go to the library. Moreover, in Blitar stands a very representative library, the Bung Karno Library.

That activity continues today. At least, once every week we gather to discuss reading books and practice writing skills through a container called Pen Circle Forum.

The abundant book collection in the library, as well as the facilities in it, we use as a place for discussion and sharing knowledge.

Because we often gathered there, we were close to the library and often given space for activities. Such as holding seminars and Performing Arts in the amphitheater.

Utilizing The Library

People can visit the Library free of charge. Both parking fees, access to facilities, and borrowing books. When late to return any, can only suspension, no fines.

This is what makes me comfortable. The state has built a library, both national, provincial and regional scale called Perpusda (Regional Library), so that people make the best use of it.

The collection of books in the library can be accessed by the general public, anyone, regardless of educational background, even without the need to wear a formal uniform. Just be free.

There are thousands of books presented on long shelves as reading material. Sometimes I think, the library was established by the state so that people become smarter and insightful, without having to pay expensive, even free.

A library is actually a source of literature, especially in the form of books. Many books of various themes are provided, which must be used by the community.

A Library Is Not A Book Store
Some say the library is a storehouse of books, but the name is wrong. Warehouse always connoted a place to store used goods, junk, or goods that are not used.

The impression that the library as a repository of books like just a place to store books without any reading culture development activities in it. As if impressed that librarians are only busy arranging and tidying up books.

Whereas the library is the center of science development. It is in the library that people should look for reading materials that they can use as references to live their lives, provide basic insights, to inspire them to develop.

Libraries can also design several activities in order to build public interest in reading.

Turning On The Library

The library is not only a book storage location, but also a center for the development of reading culture. This is also what I have discussed in the active reader Community Forum (FKPA) of the Bung Karno Library.

Indeed, not all libraries get special attention from the government, especially local governments. One of the evidence, the lack of budget posts for the library and Archives Service.

The lack of budget, making the library can only provide limited services and can not innovate programs, such as non-service programs in order to build public interest in reading.

However, some activities with a minimum budget can be done by involving community participation, especially literacy activists. How?

First, the library must know the condition of the community. One of them, the condition will be low interest in reading books, compared to reading uploads on social media. In fact, books are the flagship product of the library. People still prefer to listen. Oral culture is still stronger than reading culture.

This is also felt by librarians at the Bung Karno library, especially librarians Special Collections (KK) which presents books by Bung Karno and or related to Bung Karno.

Because according to the rules of the special collection books should not be borrowed and can only be read on the spot, while the book material is quite heavy, which needs special time to be able to understand it, finally initiated a book Talk program.

This Program is driven by a community, which we call Komunitas Malas Baca (now changed its name to Komunitas Muara Baca). Without high pretensions that in fact we and probably most of the people are the type who are lazy to read books, but on the other hand are restless with their lazy nature. Find the middle path.

Librarians play a strategic role. The Librarian Is the one who reads the book and at the same time the speaker ; tells the contents of the book and gives an idea of the importance of the contents of the book for the community, especially for those who do not have the habit of reading books.

Discussion participants are also actively invited to fill the book discussion. For participants who already have the habit of reading books, given space to tell the contents of the book read, alternately. So, in a month there can be 4 books we discuss. Those who are lazy to read, by being present at the discussion, at least in a month know what the contents of the 4 books we are discussing.

But it should also be noted that not all people are interested in books on the theme of ideology, politics, history, philosophy and the like. Sometimes it's just that more people like books or how-to materials. For example, how to transplant a tree? How to live happily? How are entrepreneurial success tips? and so forth.

Therefore, the study or discussion of books can be directed to the books above, which are the tastes or needs of the community. Can also sort them in different themes, to accommodate the needs of the community.

Over time, starting from talking about books, participants can get aroused to read on their own. The positive climate of meeting with book readers made him have the spirit to start having the habit of reading books. Because he realized that listening is not enough.

Secondly, the librarian should be a source of knowledge. Librarians are a noble profession, unfortunately, their role is often simplified. A librarian is a person whose work directly intersects with books, who daily deals with catalogs and various literature.

Therefore, librarians can act as a source of knowledge, speakers, to fill in Book Talk material.

Library visitors or users do not all understand the book catalog, librarians can be informants, can even be friends of discussion and provide important input for users related to the literature they are looking for.

If the climate is so awakened, then visiting the library becomes more fun. Not only looking for reading books, but also the momentum to talk to librarians who know a lot of references.

Third, engage the reading community or literacy activists. For example, there is the GPMB (reading interest Correctional movement). GPMB must contain a combination of reading House activists or community reading gardens (TBM). Can also be filled by activists stalls read, even the community of authorship.

The role of this community is very important in reviving reading interest development activities, even with a minimum budget. Regional libraries can be a central point for community-based literacy activists to meet.

This community can be a library partner to foster reading interest activities, such as book discussions, book talks, writing local stories and so on.

Fourth, produce paper products. The library is a source of references, including references typical of the area. Libraries also need to make publication efforts.

Several regional libraries, one of which is the Blitar City Regional Library, made a program to publish local history books. This is in the form of a writing competition or writing training whose follow-up is to publish a book. Several literary societies were also invited to the event.

Such a Program is very positive because the library was able to participate in enriching the national literature, especially related to local topics that have not been touched.

But this program must be inclusive, open to the community. At least, regional libraries must establish good relations with literacy activists and writers in their respective regions, even if Perpusda needs to have data on who the authors are in their regions. The role of writers in this area will facilitate the publication program because they have good writing skills.

Why should writing activities? Those who do writing activities, automatically must have the habit of reading. Especially reading to enrich the references to the writing that is being made.

In addition, the ability to write is greatly supported by the habit of reading. Every writer is a reader. So the activity of authorship should be encouraged because it can simultaneously support the interest of reading. The more you write, the more reading culture will grow on its own.

Writing activities can also be directed to writing reviews or simply reviewing library collection books. Utilization of digital media, especially social media and websites is absolutely done because now people more often hold mobile phones than books.

Because actually people's reading interest in uploads on social media, or chain messages in chat applications is very high, it's just that not all uploads are quality. Not infrequently containing hoaxes or incomplete information. Thus creating turmoil in the community. This is the result of unhealthy reading habits.

Sixth, hold a book stall in the crowd area. One problem that until now has not been solved is that library opening hours are also the working hours of most people.