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The New Face of Patria Blitar Terminal and 5 Facts You Should Know

BLITAR CITY - Patria Blitar Terminal now has a new look that is more striking and instagramable from a distance.

With a charming lobby roof, the terminal building looks so aesthetic and magnificent.

The new appearance of the Patria Blitar Terminal building seems to give a new impression of the growing city of Blitar, even the terminal is in the type A category.

Here are 5 latest facts regarding Patria Blitar Terminal that all Blitar residents need to know.

1. The cost of revitalization reaches IDR 65 billion

As informed by the page that the construction of the 2-storey building cost Rp 65 billion.

The funds are from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) budget, which began in 2021.

The terminal is classified as type A so it can use the budget from the central government.

2. Accommodate more people

The new Patria Terminal can accommodate 6,000 people with a spacious and comfortable building location.

In terms of facilities, this building has 4 escalators, namely the north side for the ascending lane and the south side for the passenger descending lane.

The building area reaches 2,000 square meters with glass walls that provide maximum lighting, just like at an airport.

3. Big terminal

Patria Blitar terminal is already type A, which means it is a large terminal.

Terminal type A serves inter-city inter-provincial transportation (AKAP), cross-border transportation between countries, inter-city transportation within the province (AKDP), City Transportation (AK) and rural transportation (ADES).

Throughout East Java, there are 19 bus terminals that enter type A, Patria Blitar Terminal is one of them.

4. Developed and strategic areas

The construction of a type A terminal in an area indicates that the area is growing, as an industrialized and modern area.

In addition, it is considered strategic, Patria Bus Terminal is indeed a central or major bus point from Surabaya and Malang to Kediri, Tulung Agung, Ngawi to Central Java, DI Yogyakarta and West Java.

This means that Blitar is a strategic area and in the future will experience economic growth.

5. Unique architectural style

The revitalization of the Blitar type A bus terminal under the firm PT PROPER CITRAGUNA MEGACIPTA and carried out by PT Djasa Ubersakti TBK with designer/architect Indra Wilman, ST, IAI.

Carrying a modern concept in an area of ​​4017 Sqm. One of its uniqueness is the wavy roof of the lobby and the surrounding garden area.