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Writing A Book With The Blitar Regency Library Office

Efforts to intensify literacy continue, especially by the community supported by the library and Archives Office of Blitar Regency.

Gerakan Pemasyarakatan Minat Baca (GPMB) of Blitar Regency, which was inaugurated in November 2022, continues to encourage these efforts, one of which is through the Suara Sastra event.

4 fields were created, namely the fields of poetry, short stories, essays, Mini fiction and historical articles, then opened in general for those who want to join the authorship project.

Incoming works will then be bent or dissected in order to be better for later worthy of being published into a book.

Suara Sastra itself is an event held every two weeks, as a space for art appreciation. Anyone can participate to perform poems, monologues, rhymes or sing.

Usually held in the courtyard of the Regional Library of Blitar Regency, starting at 10.00 until finished. Currently the literary voice is in its 20th edition.

The book writing project is open until the end of August, and plans to be published in October are taking the momentum of Language Month.

The manuscript that has been sent will be included in the authorship workshop and immediately commented on by the mentor. The Mentor for Poetry Is Jon Blitar, the short story mentor is Heru Patria, the essay mentor is Ahmad Fahrizal Aziz, the Mini fiction mentor is Galang Suhastra, and the history Article mentor is Yanu Aribowo.

This activity is also a medium for learning to write, considering that many who participate in this authorship project are those who are just learning to write.

Writing activities are an effective way to increase interest in reading, because a writer is automatically a reader.