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5 Facts about Supriyadi, a PETA figure in Blitar who disappeared mysteriously

Blitar-Supriyadi (old spelling Soeprijadi) was an important figure in the PETA rebellion, 14 February 1945 in Blitar, East Java.

He decided to rebel after seeing the cruel treatment of Japanese people in forced labor (Romusha).

The PETA rebellion is considered to have kindled the flames of the independence struggle to the far corners of the region.

Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Supriyadi that you need to know:

1. Born in Trenggalek

Although Supriyadi's name is very attached to Blitar, it turns out that he was originally born in Trenggalek, April 13, 1923. Supriyadi was young at the time of the PETA rebellion, even the distance between his age and Bung Karno was quite far adrift, namely 22 years. That means, when Bung Karno passed HBS, Supriyadi was just born.

2. Assigned in Blitar

Before stepping on Blitar, Supriyadi underwent education like most children of local officials. He attended school in ELS and MULO, then moved to Magelang to attend Civil Service school.

But the arrival of the Japanese made his fate change. He had to attend Seimendoyo training in Tangerang and map instructor in Bogor.

On the map he reached the level of Platoon Commander or Shodancho and was then assigned to Blitar to supervise forced labor/Romusha.

3. Blitar Regent ' S

Supriyadi's father also served as regent of Blitar. His Father, R. Darmadi was recorded as the 7th Regent of Blitar who served from 1945-1947 and returned to office in 1950-1956.

Bring back the R. Darmadi as regent of Blitar by Bung Karno was none other than because of his work as a fighter in the Dutch military aggression II.

4. Appointed Minister of Defense

Supriyadi was listed as the Minister of Defense or at that time named the first Indonesian people's Security Minister, the period 19 August - 20 October 1945. At that time, Supriyadi was only 21 years old.

Because his figure never appeared, his position was replaced by Imam Muhammad Suliyoadikusumo.

Many suspect that the reason Bung Karno gave Supriyadi the post is to lure PETA figures out of hiding because Indonesia has become independent.

However, after the events of February 14, 1945, the figure of Supriyadi never appeared again.

5. Declared dead

Supriyadi was finally declared dead on August 9, 1975 in order to get the title of national hero. On that date and year appeared Presidential Decree No. 063/TK / 1975 which raised Supriyadi as a national hero.