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What do you think about Coffe?

I like coffe very much. Everyday, always consume coffe, exactly black coffe or kopi hitam. I think Coffe is most delicious and mutual beverage. Everyone drink coffe when they will doing activities. Each of them believed is coffe give an energy and something useful for their mind. Coffe can help to flowing thought. So, if you have jobs as writer, editor, designer, sketcher, layouter, or other jobs which needed energy and much inspiration, you could drink coffe first.

But, although coffe give something useful, many people not recomended because they have medical problem. Above all things, if you have something problem in stomach. And then, coffe contained caffein. If consume caffein more, you will get seriously problem on your brain. So, i recomended to consume coffe just one small cup one day. Now, i consume coffe in small cup coffe and not everyday. I consume about 3 days once.

But, if consume coffe have been your habitual daily, you can change your tipe coffe. Choosing less sugar and less caffein coffe. Example, white coffe or latte coffe. Athough both of that coffe is not so delicious than black coffe. No problem. You still getting benefit. So, what do you have dringking coffe daily?