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Understanding of Indonesian Muslim

Indonesia is the largest Muslim Country, but dont use Islam as basic of Ideology. In Indonesia, Islam was accepted by peace. Islam was adapted in the culture and social norm. So, Indonesia is part of oriental state. Cak Nur was created a thought about Islam Pluralism to tells is Islam can living by peace with other religion and interfaith. Soekarno, the founding father is a good Muslim. But, He has created Pascasila as common world and created Indonesia as comfort area for all religion, ideology, faithful, quarter, etc.

Although Indonesia is the largest Muslim Country, But you can find Other religion’s area here. If you visit in Bali Island, you will find Hindu’s area. If you visit in Papua (Manokwari) you will find Christian’s place. If you visit in Aceh, You Will find syariah area. And then, in some place, you will find kingdom area.  Example, Yogyakarta dan Surakarta.

Since freedom in 1945, Indonesia always to lead a Muslim. The first Precident Soekarno, is a Muslim of Surabaya. The Second Precident, Soeharto is Muslim from Solo. The third Precident is B.J Habibie, a scientist who gratuated from Germany and a Good Muslim. B.J Habibie was ever be Leader of ICMI (Indonesia Ingenious Muslim Association). The fourth Precident is Abdurrahman Wahid or Gus Dur. Gus Dur was ever leading at Nahdlatul Ulama, the largest Muslim Organisation in Indonesia. And Gus Dur is Pluralism Father. Gus Dur was created a policy to Konghucu religion and to allow Imlek day. Gus Dur is Muslim, But he was so tolerance for other religion.

After Gus Dur, Indonesia was leading a woman, Megawati Soekarno Putri. She is Muslimah. Daughter of Soekarno. That Unique. Megawati is the first Women who can be Precident in the Muslim Mayority Country. You never find a women will be precident in the arab country. So, Indonesia was given proof to the world, if Democracy can stand beside religion.

Today, in Irak dan Syiria was build ISIS (Islamic Sate Irak and Syiria). ISIS make people in the world feel afraid. Before that, Islam was judge by Terroris religion. So, I will tells about you Islam in Indonesia, as an ideal model to the Political Movement in the world. Muslim in Indonesia is friendly Muslim. Islam was dominate on based culture. Indonesia have many muslim exponen to the Harmony life. Example, Buya Syafii Maarif, Franz Magnis Suseno, Budhy Munawar Rochman, Din Syamsudin, and other. And the largest Muslim in Indonesia will affiliate in Muhammadiyah or Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). Muhammadiyah and NU were created the good movement, isnt radicalism, but moderat movement.

Islam in Indonesia is not radical. Islam in Indonesia is not Islamic-conflict. Islam in Indonesia is Moderat, peace, and tolerance. Islam in Indonesia can live together with other religion. If you find Islamic confilct, Usually that is imported ideology from other country. For a long time, Islam was contribute to created comfort zone in Indonesia.

So, everyone can judge Islam is terrorist religion. But, if you open mind about Islam. Terorist is not substantive way in Islamic Manuskrip (Alqur’an). Terrorism just opinion. In Indonesia, terorism and Islamic state is not priority. Because, Islam in Indonesia was accepted not only in political movement, but in social-culture too. So, Islam in Indonesia procalim as Islam Substantive. Not Islam Symbol. Islam in Indonesia is Islamic Civilization, not Only Islamic Political.

Let’s make our life peace. We can live together. And if you hear is Islam Terorist. Please remember Islamic movement in Indonesia. Islamic movement in Indonesia is friendly for the others. And most of Indonesian Muslim were friendly and tolerance.

Blitar, 21 March 2015
A Fahrizal Aziz
Blogger dan Aktivis Literasi