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Family Gathering and Eid Celebration Held by Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Kabupaten Blitar

The Blitar District Library and Archives Office (Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Kabupaten Blitar) held a family gathering and Eid celebration, known as "halal bi halal" and "syawalan," at the residence of Dr. Jumali/Jumali’s Home, the head of the Blitar District Library and Archives Office.

The event took place on Thursday, April 18, 2024, from 12:00 to 16:30 WIB. It was attended by officials and staff members of the office, as well as literacy activists from Suara Sastra, GPMB, and Sinau Film. Approximately 50 participants were present to partake in the festivities.

The venue for the event was in Pasirharjo Village, Talun, Blitar Regency. The highlight of the gathering was a sermon delivered by Ustad Yusuf from Sawentar, Kanigoro, which provided spiritual enlightenment and reflection for the attendees.

Dr. Jumali expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to gather with colleagues and friends to celebrate Eid and strengthen bonds within the community. He emphasized the importance of fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie, especially during festive occasions like Eid.

The event featured various activities aimed at promoting camaraderie and solidarity among the participants. These included live music, poetry declamation, as well as recitations of poetry and religious verses.

Participants enjoyed a delectable spread of traditional Eid delicacies, including ketupat, Rawon, Sate Ayam and various sweets. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy as attendees exchanged warm wishes and shared stories of their Eid celebrations.

Among the notable guests were representatives from Suara Sastra, GPMB, and Sinau Film, who commended the Blitar District Library and Archives Office for organizing such a meaningful event. They expressed their support for initiatives that promote literacy and cultural enrichment within the community.

As the event drew to a close, Dr. Jumali extended his appreciation to everyone who had contributed to the success of the gathering. He expressed his hope that such gatherings would continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship and collaboration among all participants.

Overall, the family gathering and Eid celebration organized by the Blitar District Library and Archives Office served as a testament to the spirit of unity and solidarity that characterizes the community. It provided an opportunity for individuals to come together, celebrate shared values, and reaffirm their commitment to building a brighter future together.