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Blitar, The Place You Must Visit This Year

Wonderfull picture was taken by Agung Setiawan, thank you so much.

INSIGHT-BLITAR.ID- Blitar is an area that is divided into two, namely the city and the regency.

Blitar is known as the burial place of Soekarno, the first President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Besides that, Blitar is also known for its specialties of Nasi Pecel, Jenang Ketan, Opak Gambir, Ice Drop, and various other foods.

Famous places in Blitar and frequently visited include Bung Karno's Tomb, Candi Penataran, Blitar Park, Tambak Beach, Serang Beach, Chocolate Village, and so on.

Visiting Blitar is quite fun because of the beautiful area and friendly people.

In Blitar, there are also many cheap lodgings and 4-star hotels, there is also online transportation that makes traveling easier.

Blitar is an area that still prioritizes traditional markets, there is even a traditional market in the middle of the city.

The famous markets are Legi Market and Templek Market. Each sub-district also has traditional markets.

In addition to traditional markets, there are also quite a number of modern markets.

If you visit Blitar, try the becak which is a traditional transportation, it will definitely give a different sensation.

Vacationing to Blitar makes you have to adjust the situation.

You will feel how the traditional nuances and life of the middle class.

There is no adequate public transportation like in the big cities of Jakarta and Surabaya.

Blitar does not offer modernity, but invites you to enjoy its tranquility.

You can visit the Brantas River, Springs and places that emit fresh water. That's how the people of Blitar live their daily lives.

You can also enjoy fresh coconut water on the beach or in the town square for a low price.

In Blitar, prices for human needs are still affordable, especially for food and drinks.

You can also enjoy beautiful coffee shops at several points of the city, or just sit under the banyan tree.

Blitar is often called a retirement city, because of its calm feel and the many trees around the house.

People spend their holidays visiting Blitar, refreshing their minds.

Blitar will have a deep impression on anyone who comes to visit.

However, if you are visiting from big cities like Surabaya and Malang, you have to be more patient.

Blitar doesn't have an airport yet, so you have to work hard to get here. It will be a tiring and enjoyable journey.

Arriving in Blitar you can choose cheap lodging and the average lodging in Blitar is still cheap.

You can check in the application, Blitar is already connected to the virtual world and the internet.

Many places to stay that you can order from your android phone. Very easy.